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March 21, 2021  - Cigar roller events are being booked mostly for the 2021 Season. Please note that Saturdays are the most requested so if your date falls on a Saturday in 2021 you should get a quote and reserve the date as we expect limited availability for the 2021 Wedding season



Wedding, Golf and Corporate event seasons are being scheduled for 2021 Season. Dallas Cigar Rollers by Cigar Catering® look great, are personable to engage your guests with the cigar experience to give your event a great look and a memory your guests will remember long after the party is over. Cigar Rollers for all of our Dallas area events are provided from CF Dominicana Cigars.

Dallas cigar roller events with guest lists are usually under 300 people which means two hours is the recommended amount of time. This applies to Weddings, Golf and Corporate events.


During your roller's demonstration, he will be interacting with guests and because he is cigar knowledgeable, he will be able to answer questions and interact to create the experience that will keep your guests talking about you for months to come.

It's the experience that's important and all of our rollers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee, including 25 cities all are contracted exclusively with "CF" as we guarantee;

a) a great "look" for maximum presentation,

b) courteous, approachable, c) all speak English,

c) are motivated and enthusiastic to add to the energy of your event and

d) all of the cigars are imported Dominican, not the U.S. made for mild flavor that all guests (experienced and inexperienced) will enjoy.


Cigar Roller, Dallas Wedding, Golf and Corporate events.

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Mon - Thurs 10am - 6pm

Fri - Sun 10am - 6pm, Note: phones may be closed for scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell phone of your area manager for real-time contact during these hours.


Cigar roller events available in these areas;

Dallas, Coppell,  Plano, Grapevine, Frisco, Irving, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Flower Mound, McKinney, Dallas, Coppell,  Plano, Grapevine, Frisco, Irving, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Flower Mound, McKinney and in 2021 Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee.


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